Students, do you feel a lack of excitement in your current project? Do you need more direction on the design? Do you want to have a few unneeded rules to work with? We’re here to help!

Welcome to the official kickoff of the 36 Point Student Design Challenge! We think your college years are some of the most important years for graphic designers. While generally we like to think of graphic design students as a serious, studious bunch, with lots of learnings and yearnings going on, we know there’s a lighter, brighter side to your experience as well. Specifically, the side that knows how to use graphic design for awesome, instead of for good.

The Rules

Prizes will be awarded to students who complete a graded, class assignment/project that contains the following subversive Three Eements:

Element Number 1: The number 36, prominently. (rule by Donovan Beery)

Element Number 2: A color pallet that consists only of red and black ink on white paper — classic graphic design colors. (rule by Nate Voss)

Element Number 3: An adult human male penis. (rule by Chip Kidd) Sadly and upon great personal and profession introspection about the possibility of us getting into trouble for getting you kicked out of your program for the inclusion of said adult human male penis, and the slightly-less-troublesome, slightly-more-heinous replacement suggestion (by another friend of the show) of “dead puppies,” we have opted to amend Element #3 to the most penis-like thing we could find:

Element #3 (Revised): Donovan Beery’s head.


The Loot:
Currently The Loot awarded to the winner(s) consists of:

• One numbered, limited-edition, silkscreened Chip Kidd Gig Poster designed by Nicole Blauw, measuring Quite Tall” x Somewhat Wide”, signed by Graphic Design Rock Star Chip Kidd. (to be awarded to the Grand Prize Winner)

• 5 numbered, limited-edition, 36 Point Reflex Blue Show prints, measuring 12 x 12″, signed and designed by Reflex Blue Show host Nate Voss and printed by Be A Design Group founder Bennett Holzworth. (to be awarded as we see fit)


To Enter:
The Three Elements listed above all need to appear together in one, single, graded class assignment. Assignments that include several pieces (ex: business stationery) will only be accepted if all Three Elements appear together. Compress EVERYTHING BELOW in a ZIP archive and e-mail us.

Entries must be submitted to 36 Point at or before 5:00 p.m., CST, Wednesday, November 26, 2008.Â

Entries Must Include:
• There is NO ENTRY FEE for the 36 Point Student Design Challenge, and there never will be.

ALL FILES must be no larger than 800 px x 800 px:
• A digital representation of your project (PDF, jpeg, or html for web entries),Â
• A copy of the Assignment Sheet from your professor or class detailing the requirements of the class project
• A copy of your student ID (for verification purposes only)
• Your professor’s name and contact information (for verification purposes only — your professor will only be contacted in the case of a disputed or otherwise sketchy win, and your involvement in The Student Design Challenge will not be discussed)

Photographs of work are acceptable as long as they show the assignment/project in its entirety as well as clearly showing the Three Elements.

Winner(s) will be selected by a jury of professional graphic designers (to be revealed!) based on ingenuity, creativity, and overall quality. Winners will be notified via e-mail and announced on 36 Point.

We will of course be updating The Student Design Challenge on 36 Point as it continues. Good luck!
Full-time students only. Independent-study, re-dos, or personal/professional projects are not allowed (assignments/projects must be assigned by a professor for class credit and affect your final grade). Students may enter more than one project. Additional Loot may be added as necessary. 36 Point reserves the right to award no prizes and/or disqualify any participant. Students who are enrolled at a college or university where anyone who owns or is employed by 36 Point is employed as a professor or lecturer are ineligible.