Every few months, like clockwork, the dreaded email inbox fills up a bit too much for comfort. In times like these, I know I have to stop what I am doing and take care of the issue. A few of these may have already been sent around, but I liked them, so here they are.

From Brett (and Kyle too): I got sent this by a friend and thought about the taboo typeface, anyhow I don’t know if you’ve seen it but, it’s funny. View the Font Conference.

From Julie: Thought you might enjoy this video of Steve Jobs on hiring Paul Rand to help solve his Apple logo dilemma. Love the show, been listening for a long time, great guests!

From Ammunition: Beats by Dr. Dre Release

I guess Robert Brunner (two time guest of our previous podcast, and all around product design genius) and Dr. Dre designed some headphones you can buy at the Apple store. That is a meeting I would have loved to been in. I actually tried these on while in the Omaha Apple store, and WOW! So, I put on these headphones, and all sound in the store was gone. The music from the iPod never sounded so clear. I instantly had that thought of, “these are too sweet, I know they are out of my price range.” $349.

Also from Ammunition: Announcing . . . Do you matter?
A new business book about design by Robert Brunner and Stewart Emery.

Seriously, this email was sent to me WHILE RECORDING OUR FALL READING PODCAST. It’s like Brunner knew, and wanted to let us know once again we were not trying hard enough with our choices. I ordered the book that night, and it looks great (any book with a Pentagram designed cover does), but as usual, it’ll be months before I get to reading it. $16.49 on Amazon.

Thanks for reading as I cleared out my inbox. It’s looking more manageable by the minute.

Update (10/16/08): Superstar Designer® Drew Davies has launched a new website for Oxide Design Co.