First, we’d like to thank those who entered, and by doing so, decided to take their school assignments up to 11. But, like with Highlanders, we can only end up with one. And with that in mind, we have chosen a winner for the 2008 36 Point Student Design Challenge.

The rules were simple. Take a class project, and: 1) use only black, red, and white; 2) add in the given photo of Donovan Beery’s head; 3) see how large of a ’36’ you could feasibly fit on the assignment. Geoff, your entry has embodied the rules to a tee.


A short description from our winner: I was working with an unfamiliar medium and technical complications put me back like $70, and it still didn’t come out the way I had planned. Basically, the black color was backwards from the red, so nothing lined up. The digital file is attached, but it was printed (incorrectly) on 180lb cold press paper using photopolymer plates and oil-based black and red inks.

I was in the first class to ever use the photopolymer plates, and the teacher hadn’t used them before either; so it was a learning process the entire class.

And our thoughts: I always forget how many student projects are about learning, and simply experimental in nature. The line art sent was fine, but the backwards black plate adds an unexpected twist to the print which we enjoyed more than if it would have turned out right. Donovan’s head on a horse’s body hunting a rabbit is fantastic. Job well done, and enjoy the Chip Kidd autographed poster that is on it’s way.