Doing it right from Austin, Texas, live from the Conference Center’s 4th Floor — The Reflex Blue Show HOW Conference Special continues!

Day One guests include speakers/authors Jen & Ken Visocky O’Grady, author/speaker/man-about-town Steve Gordon, and Not-Anymore-Speaker/Not-Quite-Author Justin Ahrens (who graces us with a full-show appearance)! It’s all about setting the tone for the conference and covering the pre-conference workshops (sort of), and the lead-up to the conference itself — as it appears on Twitter? Also featuring the mad psyching-out of the O’Gradys vis a vis Armin Vit’s Design History & Practice: Mano a Mano battle royale that is apparently going down like Chinatown Thursday night.

Are you in Austin? Want to be on the show? Hit the 4th Floor everyday at 5:00 (right after the close) and chat it up!

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