The return of Adam Nielsen brings us to discuss our opinions on a couple of listener questions. Tony from Illustrate Omaha asks “How do you educate a client about your process without it all going over their heads?” and Mig Reyes has wondered, “What’s the value in getting included in books? For newer designers, what are tips on getting in?”

We also stop for three minutes to review a student portfolio site by Geoff Thibeau.

After the recording, we had so much energy left that we decided to go see the Omaha Royals play some AAA ball, where Nate (dressed as a corn cob) raced previous guests Tom Nemitz (in a beer suit) and Robert Maguire (wearing a very manly steak outfit) right in the middle of the second inning in front of a crowd of thousands. And cob wins!

Are we on- or off-track? Let us know in the comments below.

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