Last Saturday, What Cheer was holding an open house to celebrate their new office space. They may not have had a Street Fighter II machine in the lobby like we do, but there was an Elvis pinball (TCB!) machine in the building. They also had a camera set up to automatically take pictures every 10 or 15 seconds, leaving prrof that Nate and I were both there. The evening also gave us a chance to see the new Secret Penguin office next door (still under construction), and talk with the head penguin himself, Dave Nelson.

Dave had previously been a guest on the Be A Design Cast (#28: The Freelance Show) when he was part of Divvy Collective, and a guest of The Reflex Blue Show (#11: Epic Fail) when he shared office space with What Cheer. As Dave is in a two-week limbo between offices, and working out of his house, we figured it was an ideal time to steal an hour of his time to talk about the industry.

The big buzz is all about the iPad (which we had things to say about) and how to get work in this economy (which it ends up we didn’t have much to say about, so it’s best to just listen to Michael Bierut talk about clients). We end by speaking about what Secret Penguin has been up to lately: getting skateparks in Omaha, an award-winning website for an OB/GYN, and all sorts of Martial Arts.

And of course, Mig Reyes brings us the student tip. And Dave supplied the Red Bull Sugarfree.

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