Dyana Valentine Interview

The fifth of the seven interviews we recorded from the 2010 HOW Conference in Denver was with Dyana Valentine.

We went to Denver a day before the actual HOW Conference began, and ended up spending the day at the Creative Freelancer Conference across the street. I have to mention that we showed up a few minutes early – any stereotypes of freelancers being late were instantly blown out of the water, as the room was already filled – and we had to look around for an empty seat. I look at the table, and in front of me is a large stack of business cards and 1″ buttons with a logo I recognized. A logo I remember seeing on the website of our favorite guest, Steve Gordon (see the work on his site here).

A quick introduction, an hour or two of speakers, and Dyana took the stage and walked the room through creating a perfect elevator pitch for their business. That’s it, we knew Dyana needed to be on the show, and even with a full slate of five interviews already scheduled, we fit in another (next week’s story will be like déjà-vu if you want to know how this math adds up to the seven mentioned in the first sentence).

Dyana talks about these perfect pitches, helping creatives make their business thrive, and her favorite Scrabble word. And we’ll be back next week with another interview. Enjoy.

Bonus: Dyana has her session worksheets posted online to use for your own business here.

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