An Interview with Brandon Herbel of Make Believe Clothing Company

Steve Gordon introduced us, through Twitter, to Brandon Herbel of Make Believe Studio. Not only does Brandon do great work for music acts nationwide, but he also started his own clothing company eight months ago. When we found out he was located right in our backyard of Omaha, Nebraska, we had to have him stop by to be on the show. We speak of the new Make Believe Clothing Company and his other ventures. And how can we speak of any fashion without having Steve on the show, where he shares a bit more about his ventures into clothing – and then we talk Starbucks.

For those people not within a block of a Starbucks, it appears they are all rebranding.

We’ll be back in a couple weeks with our annual Twitter show, so send us questions @36point and we’ll answer them on the next show.

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