A New Website for Designers to Share Inspiration, Ideas, and Opinions

RockPaperInk, a new, collaborative online design destination, launched recently at www.rockpaperink.com. This is a place for designers to come together as a community to share their opinions, creations, and passion for the field. From logo design to the broader scope of branding, color consumption to the business of design, every topic is fair game.

The website offers the opportunity to foster dialogue about a range of design subjects and inspire through the views, ideas, and design dilemmas of fellow creators. Articles, videos, and columns from some of the leading design experts from around the world will be featured, including:

  • Justin Ahrens of Rule29 writing about “What Matters”
  • Kevin Budelmann and Yang Kim of Peopledesign exploring “Design Change”
  • British creative Paul Burgess covering “The International Landscape of Design”
  • Trendsetter Jay Calderin discovering new ways into and around fashion in “The Fashion Filter”
  • John Foster of Bad People Good Things applying some elbow grease in “Dirty Work”
  • Bill Gardner of Gardner Design talking about identity in “Love Thy Logo”
  • Steve Gordon of RDQLUS offering advice to independent creative professionals in “Indie”
  • Stanley Hainsworth of Tether getting to the core of the story in “The Storyteller”
  • Jake and Pum Lefebure of Design Army finding inspiration in “Color Consumption”
  • Debbie Millman of Sterling Brands with all of the gritty details in “Brand Bible Blogumentary”
  • Robynne Raye of Modern Dog Design reporting on the design stuff she loves in “Sister Raye”
  • Strategist and pragmatic realist Terry Lee Stone sweating the business decisions for you in “Ask Design B*tch”
  • Educator Jason Tselentis analyzing fonts and sharing his admiration for typography in “Points, Pixels, Paper”

Readers will be able to view the portfolios of these designers and they will also have the opportunity to promote their own work and skills across the industry by creating personalized profile pages on the site and uploading and displaying selections of their designs.

Summer is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and soak up the musings of a great group of design world personalities at RockPaperInk. Readers are encouraged to join the conversation as well and take a stance on everything from what makes a good logo to how color inspires to the latest design trends in the UK, Australia and beyond, and much more.

Visit the new site and join the conversation: www.rockpaperink.com
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Susan Hershberg
Rockport Publishers