In an episode of The Reflex Blue Show that will be launched in the coming months, we interviewed David Sherwin of frog. After the recording, David mentioned that he thought the show was starting to hit a mass of content that people may not have noticed, and that it was becoming time to index the content a bit. He’s a smart guy, so I figured we had better start doing what he recommended, but where to start?

Well, I guess the first way someone might want to search our podcast content would be by the guests that we’ve been fortunate enough to have on. Introducing a complete list of guests, and links to the episodes they have been on. Wow, I did not realize we have had on so many people over the past three plus years.

This list is also accessible from the “podcast” dropdown at the top of each page, and will be updated fairly regularly. If you notice any links off, or names missing from past shows, let me know. And also, any other sorting methods you would like to see in the coming months?