Has it been a week since Nate and I left Chicago after spending six days and five nights at the HOW Design Live event? According to the calendar?

Well, before even the first recap of the event was recorded, I had spent most of Wednesday in the windy city waiting for Nate to get there. He had spent the entire day in a vehicle with Stefan Mumaw, who was on our show talking about his Caffeine books in Season 2, driving from Kansas City. I was really hoping for some epic road trip stories, but I think other than traffic, it was pretty standard stuff.

As Stefan was with Nate, and he has a new book out (Chasing the Monster Idea: The Marketer’s Almanac for Predicting Idea Epicness), we made him stop in and chat with us and our scheduled guest.

As for the scheduled guest? Dyana Valentine speaks more about the “Perfect Pitches” we spoke about last year. This was a lot of fun, and really set off our week on the right foot. Enjoy.

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