The Reflex Blue Show Number 100

Our 7th interview podcast from HOW Live (recorded in Boston), brings us Hatch Design.

Talking with Joel Templin and Katie Jain is a true pleasure. I mean, Ben and I were impressed enough with their incredible design work – but they do so much more. We speak about the idea behind Hatch, being an incubator of ideas, and starting up your own brands.

Special thanks goes out to the wonderful staff at HOW for helping us out during the conference, and setting us up with a great room to interview from.

And as we end our 5th season of The Reflex Blue Show, we bring back (for a 22 minute end track) Nate Voss! Around 7 years ago, we started up (along with Tom Nemitz) the Be A Design Cast, and we’ve been podcasting ever since. In one sense, it’s hard to think that we’ve recorded 100 of these shows – in another sense (with the specials and the BADCast recordings), it’s even weirder to think we’ve released like 196 of these shows. We really have to thank all of our listeners, and our guests for making the show what it is. So, thank you.

[Photo is Ben and I rocking out at the Neenah Paper party on the last night of HOW]

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