The Reflex Blue Show Season 5

With Season 6 of The Reflex Blue Show launching earlier this week with Paula Scher, we decided it was a great time to go back and remember what we did over Season 5. I forgot how much fun we had recording some of these, starting with drinking old sodas from the fridge with Ben and Steve – right off the block from the first episode. The Day Two recap from the HOW Conference was probably the closest we’ve come to our original vision for the podcast, and we even had a drop by from a Core77 road trip swing by the office to visit. Over all though, below are the shows Ben and I picked as our personal favorites. These, and the 36 Point favorites from other past seasons, will be archived under the “podcast” link at the top of each page. Enjoy, and I hope you enjoy what we have planned for Season 6! Thanks for listening.

Donovan’s Pick: Episode 13 (#95)

Going through the list of the shows we did last year brought back some great memories, but anytime we spend almost the entire show talking about toys and The Simpsons – it’s hard to beat that.
The Reflex Blue Show
Guest: riCardo Crespo of 20th Century Fox
Main Topics: Mattel; 20th Century Fox; The Simpsons
Release Date: July 30, 2012
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Ben’s Pick: Episode 16 (#98)

I’m not sure if everyone that works at Disney has an intensely childlike imagination and an innate storytelling ability – but this guy sure does. Our conversation with Disney creative director Chris Chapman is just as memorable as it is inspiring.
The Reflex Blue Show
Guest: Christopher Chapman of Disney
Main Topics: Disney; Theme Parks; Telling Stories; Designing for Family Entertainment
Release Date: August 21, 2012
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