AIGA Minnesota Design Camp 2014 Podcast Special

Over the past dozen years (which is how long I think I’ve known AIGA Minnesota’s Design Camp was a thing (turns out, it was around over twenty years before that)), I almost made it twice. Two years ago, we sent Ben Lueders instead, and he came back with five podcasts we released, as well as writing three recaps for Neenah Paper.

2014 proved to be the year I finally made it. Blogging for Neenah Paper, I wrote three recaps of the events and bonfire that happen at Madden’s at Gull Lake October 3–5, 2014.

Other than an additional upcoming four podcasts recorded with some of the speakers, vendors, and MC of the event, I also had the chance to sit down and speak with two of the committee members, Michael Cullen-Benson and Ben Sweeney. Hosting the nations largest regional conference as a local AIGA chapter is no small task, so I have to hand it to these people for doing an incredible job.

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