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Justin Ahrens of Rule29, one of my favorite guests, joins the Reflex Blue Show to discuss his Design Of podcast, Wheels 4 Water, Designing for Good, AIGA (Justin just joined the National Board), and the coming up way too soon and yet not soon enough HOW Design Live 2017 in Chicago (where he will once again be a speaker).

One of my favorite things about recording this show has been the ability to get to talk with some really great guests, and a lot of them. Somehow or another, Justin has been the only person, other than myself, to make at least one appearance on every season we’ve had, so I thank him for his availability, willingness, and ability to be able to talk about such a wide variety of design topics over the years.

And when it comes to things that seemed to have come along way too soon, I guess this is the beginning of our tenth(!) season of The Reflex Blue Show. Along with the two-plus seasons of The Be A Cast we did before this, November marked eleven years of podcasting – hard to fathom that when Nate Voss, Tom Nemitz, and I first launched that episode back in 2005 – but the calendar keeps moving.

And, a huge thanks to Cody Fenske for designing the podcast all new artwork for Season 10 (and as in the past, it may last a season or two more). He also designed some stickers (you know we love stickers around here) for the occasion, so if you see me throughout the year, be sure to ask for one.


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