HOW Design Live 2018, Conference Recap 3 of 3 : Julie Goldsberry, Cami Travis-Groves

Julie Goldsberry and Cami Travis-Groves discuss the third day of 2018’s HOW Design Live in Boston.

Between this recap, and the Day 1 / Day 2 recaps, I was happy to get 5 of this year’s 10 HOW Ambassadors on the podcast. The Ambassadors – or hosts – of the event were fantastic as usual. Big props.

Graphic Design is such a great profession, but wow, it can burn you out sometimes. I’m thankful that the HOW Conference is there to help remind us of why we love design, that we can make a difference, and that there are many other creatives that can totally relate to what many others may not think are not really issues at all. I am also happy that I got to see a bit of Boston as well – part of a great conference is the area, and being able to experience something different than my usual day in Omaha, Nebraska. As I was able to fly in early enough the day before to actually see the Boston Commons in the day (I saw the park during my two other trips to Boston, but seeing it in the daylight was much more impressive). I also made it out to the older downtown area of Boston for the first-time. Overall, I had a great five days, and have HOW and Boston to thank for much of it. Until next year’s HOW – Chicago – we will be back on our regular podcast schedule, starting in a week or two with the first of six podcasts recorded while at HOW (I believe Bill Gardner is the first one).


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