First, we’d like to thank everyone who’s shown their support to 36 Point for the past year and a half. Second, we’d like to blow your minds with our exciting announcement that we’re transitioning to an all-hobo format over here. Beginning this morning with our first Hobo-Designer-1PT.Rule, and continuing soon with only-on-the-train-tracks recordings of future Reflex Blue Shows, we’re sure you’ll be as excited for this change as we are.

To celebrate and make it official, we commissioned leading logo and identity designer Drew Davies of Oxide Design to create our new mark. “Knocking it out of the park” would be an understatement. “Everyone said Cooper Black was dead, and look at it now,” Davies said of the redesign project. “Hobo is here to stay.”

Drew Davies’ work has appeared in Logo Lounge 2, 3, 4 and 5, as well as two upcoming Master Library books from that series, Communication Arts (six times), AIGA 365 (twice), Print’s Regional Design Annual, HOW Magazine, and he has served as a judge to many regional and national design competitions, including the Communication Arts Design Annual in 2004, and serves as the Design Director for AIGA’s Design for Democracy.