AMC's The Pitch - an Interview with Bozell about their experience on the show.

Spoiler alert – The Pitch; Season 1, Episode 6 – JDRF: Muse & Bozell will be discussed below, and in this show as if you have already seen it – just a warning.

AMC has been running a reality show for the past few weeks showcasing Ad Agencies giving pitches to clients – getting the brief, what goes into them – and then selling their idea. It’s called The Pitch. I know it sounds like we’re ad people over here at 36 Point to many – but we’re designers, and there are differences, even if a lot of what we do overlaps. Regardless, I find it’s been an entertaining show, and have been watching since it premiered. Ben has only seen the latest show, but that’s ok, as we’re only speaking about last Sunday’s episode anyway.

The reason we waited until now to discuss this show? One of the agencies featured also happens to be in Omaha, so we decided to speak directly with a couple of the people involved – Jerry Stoner and Kim Mickelsen from Bozell. In this episode, they went against Muse Communications for the JDRF account.

Hope you enjoy a little of the behind the scenes action on AMC’s reality show.

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