Presenting Design Work to Clients, Part 2

Aaron Stubbe, from Clark Creative Group, returns for the continuation of how to present work to clients. We also bring in regular guest Steve Gordon, of RDQLUS Creative, to round out the panel. You have to do what is comfortable to you, but hopefully we give some otherwise decent advice. Thoughts? Leave them below.

In what then turns out to be almost a double episode in itself, we start discussing the current design projects we’re working on.

And, how can we live in the state of Nebraska without discussing a logo makeover caused by our University switching to the Big Ten? The discussion gets so heated, and somewhat off-topic, that Nate even did a special 1PT.Rule story arch this week to continue the conversation onward. Wait, that was also off-topic, so back to the new Big 10 logo designed over at Pentagram. Is it a Big Ten, a B 10, a B 10 Ten, a Big 10 Ten, or a Big Ten B 10 Ten? Join the discussion at Brand New. And for those who don’t follow the Big Ten at all, the short story is the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s athletic department decided to leave the Big Twelve conference after this year and join the Big Ten. Since the Big Ten has had eleven teams since 1990, and Colorado is also leaving the Big Twelve this year, the Big Ten will now have twelve teams and the Big Twelve will now have ten teams. Isn’t this why we follow sports?

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