When you listen to Ron and Brent of YYES design – you immediately forget that the world of graphic design can often be a stressful and competitive place. As they explain in this interview, Brent and Ron named their unique firm YYES (pronounced “YYYYES!!!”) because of their positive, playful approach to graphic design. Listening to them talk – it’s easy to see that they live out this ideal very well.

When I first heard that these two design partners work out of separate cities (Brent out of Minneapolis and Ron out of Los Angeles) – I wondered how they could have made it work for so long. Long distance relationships can be hard to maintain – especially business relationships. But as I heard more of their story and watched them interact, it became very clear that these guys work very well together. Ron is the fast-moving, ambitious salesman/designer – while Brent is the cool, calculated wordsmith/organizer. In a sense – they truly complete each other.

Please enjoy this lively look at the friendship and partnership of two very classy gentlemen of design.

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