Flywheel Meets Big Omaha : The Reflex Blue Show #112

Just over six years ago we interviewed a few freelancers who shared space in midtown Omaha. Since then, we’ve moved to 36 Point and started The Reflex Blue Show –and Nate moved to Kansas City. And those designers? Ryan moved to New York, John Henry moved to San Francisco shortly after coming onto our show to talk about dogs, and we need to get Adam back on the show to talk about what he’s been up to, as it’s been three years since his last appearance, and same thing with Dave. And the office they shared? The Divvy Collective space lasted a year, and was then filled by a company called BrightMix.

BrightMix would move onto other things, as we discuss on this show with founder Dusty Davidson, and one of the designers they hired along the way, Rick Knudtson.

What kind of things? Creating Tripleseat, a software program for event spaces; starting Silicon Prairie News, a website focusing on the startups in the midwest; co-founding three yearly conferences focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in Big Omaha, Big Des Moines, and Big Kansas City, with Jeff Slobotski; and now launching a WordPress hosting platform built for designers in Flywheel. We also speak a bit about design and development. Enjoy.

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