Spec. It’s one of those topics that those outside of the design industry, people may not think twice about. The idea of having a competition for design services seams to make a lot of sense. You offer a prize, hundreds of designs come in, and you just select the best one.

I hear that it’s fairly common in Art. Maybe it’s not even frowned upon (chime in to let me know the official Art world stance if you know it). That would sort of makes sense as artists may already have work in their sketchbook that would look good for your mural. But your logo? No designer I know has one ready for you.

Nate wrote a post about the wrongs of spec last month, we even spoke for a half-hour about it on a podcast with Drew Davies, and AIGA has an official stance against it. But we have found a solution to all of the wrongs that doesn’t involve sabotage. So if anyone asks us – we’re in!

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