So the Munny saga continues, painfully so. I am happy to report that some of the lucky locals invited to take part in this exclusive design merry-go-round have actually begun work at this point. Some are adopting previous works and other are doing entirely new pieces. Donovan finished his Monday, and it looks like something that would kick you in the nuts if you met it in a dark alley. And here I sit, alone, with no Munnys to keep me company. I’m spoiled, though, because I keep getting these little sneak peeks out of sympathy. I want to encourage that. I love seeing my friends make really cool, or really beautiful things, and I figure I’m going to have a tough time picking out just one to buy when all is said and done.

I’m working on The Professor to get him to set up a gallery show of all the finished Munnys. Question for people in the area: is that something you’d like to see?