A podcast interview with Jessica Hische

For those of you that really pay attention to the show, obviously the interview we planned to follow up last week’s show with James Victore somehow did not happen. Not sure what happened – hey, that HOW Conference can be nuts – trying to keep a schedule straight with all that is going on, well, if one guest out of seven doesn’t show up, it’s not the worst thing.

Actually, we still ended up with seven interviews. I was sneaking into the back row of Mig Reyes‘ talk (once again you groups out there  – you need to book Mig to talk, he is really getting good at this speaking thing), and I run into James Victore (just hours after we spoke with him), and he said something like “hey Donovan, you need Jessica on your show. Hey Jessica, you need to be on his show.” So, I sat down, we looked at schedules, and we recorded a podcast with Jessica Hische the next day.

Jessica speaks about her work in lettering, her daily drop cap site, her chart on if you should work for free,  her i can haz art school site, putting more online about her self than she should, and more.

Next week we’ll launch the last of our Howlive interviews and go back to our regular bi-weekly(ish) schedule. In the meantime, enjoy the show, and be sure to check out the amazing work of Jessica Hische.

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