FORGE : Sarah Bergeron & Lynn Schneider of Emspace

Omaha’s Emspace Group (located just a few blocks, and across Pacific Street, from my office at Eleven19), got rid of their internship program around five years ago. Why? FORGE.

In an effort to find a different way to give back to the graphic design community (as well as giving back to the public relations and marketing communities as well), they created a free program for the college students in the area. Over the past five years, I have spoke at a FORGE panel, attended most (if not all) of the final class panels / portfolio reviews, and spoken with many of the students about their experience. It was  only a matter of time before we had a podcast talking about this great program.

Lynn Schneider (who came up with the idea of FORGE), and Sarah Bergeron (a former FORGEr, and now on the other side of the FORGE) join us to talk all things FORGE, and where it’s headed next. Cody Fenske (a former FORGEr himself) joins me to co-host. Enjoy.

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