The sixth of the seven interviews we recorded from the 2010 HOW Conference in Denver was with David B. Berman.

One of the big happenings at the How Conference is the vendor area. It’s like a full tradeshow in that room. Not like a state fair with people selling pots and pans – sweet vendors like Neenah Paper right inside the door. French Paper always has some hot giveaways people line up for, but no booth gets the early crowd like Veer. I realized I was near their booth when the crowd got so packed I couldn’t see their booth. It was around this time that I met a guy named David Berman, and we started to chat. He asked about this podcast we did, and I told him to swing by our recording in a few minutes. He did. That was the HOW Day Two Recap.

Not putting the pieces together, Nate ended up at his presentation the next day and was blown away by the energy David has. We did what was needed to get him on the show, and time or schedules aside, we made it happen.

His book, Do Good Design: How Designers Can Change the World, is our topic. Check out a preview on Google Books to see a preview of this amazing book. We all live here. This is our profession. Change the world.

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