When I first heard that world-renown “Drawsigner” and long-time RBS friend, Von Glitschka was starting to charge 5 dollars for custom logos – I did a double-take. “How could this be?” Then I saw what he called this new design product: “5ive Minute Logo“. Brilliant. Donovan and I could instantly see what Von was doing: poking fun at some of the online “logo mills”, showing-off some of his amazing creative abilities, and having a heck of a lot of fun doing so.

After his keynote speech at Meet the Pros 2013, Donovan and I kidnapped Von and interviewed him in our secret design lair. Tune in to this week’s podcast to hear more about 5ive Minute Logos, logo mills, Meet the Pros and Von’s awesome design books.

– Ben Lueders

(NOTE: Both the RBS image and the Von Extravaganza image are 5ive Minute Logo originals! And yes, we realize that Von misspelled podcast in the graphic – but hey, that’s what we get for paying 5 bucks for a logo, right?)

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