We’re back! I had built myself a little bit of a buffer by writing Wednesday’s strip in advance, but then I saved over it while I was prepping this one for launch. So, if everyone would rather see more adobee, I can certainly keep it alive.

The game being run is specifically detailed here, and it was run like fast break. As much as I want to hold Adobe up as the bastion of great software design, there are far too many troubles and inconsistencies in it’s “suite” of software to do so. It’s little things, as it so often is, that are cause for concern. The way a window resizes when you zoom, the default direction of rotating objects. What “transparency” is called, or how to make a dotted line in different programs. I swear you need a Ph.D. in Illustrator to suss out how to make a dotted line if you were never explicitly taught how, and in InDesign you select from a drop-down menu that is always there.

These little inconsistencies between their programs, programs designed to be a family, are so minor that I can deduce not one reason besides apathy and/or hubris that they haven’t streamlined the whole package. Illustrator is, of course, the worst offender, and Flash, still holding onto a lot from it’s days as a Macromedia application, is a close second.

It’s like they just need to put all these teams together in a room, or something. Have an office lunch to say “You know, Illustrator, when you resize a window or turn on your rulers, the page should re-size and re-center, the way it does in InDesign, Photoshop, and everything else.” Until then I will always think of Illustrator as the dickhead jock of the group.