Mary Allen: The Reflex Blue Show #200

Mary Allen returns to The Reflex Blue Show to talk about mental health awareness, and her greeting cards for those who want a way to explain their mental health issue. We also speak about living walls, environmental design, and more.

Big thanks to Mary Allen for being the guest on show #200 – crazy to think we’re still going strong. I have to give big props to Nate Voss and Tom Nemitz for starting up the Be A Design Cast (BADCast) podcast with me back in November of 2005. I also want to thank all of our great guests over the years (and there have been a lot of them), and our listeners (those who’ve been with us for a while, as well as those who may just be joining now. Feel free to give us a good review by the way if you’re still listening ;)

This may be show #200, but with our conference (and other) specials, it’s more like #268. For those counting the 53 BADCast shows, and the 9 specials we did there, I guess it may be closer to #329…

When we started interviewing guests just a few months in on the BADCast, we thought it’d be fun to ask like 5 stupid / crazy / weird questions to the guest, and Tom Nemitz named it “The Reflex Blue Round”. I liked it because it was a quick question / answer thing, as well as Reflex Blue being the color of my alma mater (I am not sure if it still is, they have re-branded a few times since). Anyway, The Reflex Blue Show got it’s name from there for anyone who wondered… here’s to another 200 (329?)!


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