Raise your hand if you’ve done this. Now, the rest of you, raise your hands because you’re lying.

Since Wednesday, there have been developments in the ongoing Nebraska License Plate Debacle. And by developments, I mean the kind head-removal-from-anus that cannot be called anything other than “heroic” in the world of politics. What was once stonewalling and inability to admit failure has transformed into someone in local government actually standing up and saying “you know what? This is a little fucked up right here and we may have to do something about it.

Throughout it all, the gang at CollegeHumor.com (which has only been identified as “a college humor website” by the local press — subtle, right?) has floored me as the strut about as some bizarre peacock-unicorn hybrid with their insistence of victory and balls-out unapologetic manner. They remind me of those two dudes who punked Boston with the Moonenite graphics for Cartoon Network a year or two ago. It’s sort of totally awesome. If I lived anywhere else I’d give that guy a high five. Living here, probably I’d fake the high-five and punch him in the balls.

But really, if these recent developments hold, his actions will actually guarantee that the worst option never gets made into the newest license plate, something we should all be thankful for, should it come to pass. The real problem here is how the designs themselves are “commissioned” and selected for presentation for the state to vote on. Until that’s fixed, we’re all just picking out our favorite turd to smear our cars with.