Fredrik Öst: The Reflex Blue Show #209

Fredrik Öst – of Snask, visits the show (remotely from Sweden) to talk about starting a record label for VÄG, starting up a studio with basically zero experience, playing Badminton against a chicken, new merchandise, and more.

Oh yeah, we also have to talk a bit about changes in business and remote working that I assume has dominated almost everyone’s day to day in 2020. And why would we speak to anyone at Snask without also discussing their mantra – Make Enemies & Gain Fans.

This was likely the longest break in podcasting I’ve had since I started (this month makes over 15 years of podcasting about design – which in itself seems crazy). And, even though I quit recording anything not in person a few years ago (and even before that it was usually just a couple shows a year), I guess we adapt, and I’m back on the remote recording path, so why not start by going completely remote – Omaha to Stockholm. Hopefully I’ll be back in-person in 2021. But I plan to record a few more of these first.

After the show, stick around, we talk more about that epic party at the 2016 HOW Conference in Atlanta. The VÄG song at the very end is called “The Oracel”.

See you in a week or two.


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