The nightmare has ended! 1PT.Rule is back and alive on Monday mornings!

Those who have already listened to our insightful, inspirational, and slightly educational interview with designer Bill Grant will have caught a preview of today’s strip quickly during the show. We’ve interviewed so many designers over the past few years the answer to “how did you get started in X?” usually turns out to be “…the client asked if we did something we didn’t do, but we said yes because we wanted the work.”

AIGA Nebraska’s monthly Third Thursday social event has recaptured my heart after a string of very enjoyable times the past few outings. There’s networking to be had, and a chance to meet up with people in real life that you know you only really see on Twitter and Facebook anymore. Also, they were kind enough to let me pick this month’s location, and I have settled on the very best pizzeria in a four-state area (that also serves tasty, frothy beverages). I would very much like to see you there.