A few weeks back Donovan and I gave a show stopping presentation at a student portfolio event called Meet the Pros (site and poster design by me). And even though we weren’t their first choice, we were the first ones to say “yes” and low, PORTFOLIOWN’D was born. A rip-roaring take through the entire student portfolio process — from purpose to process, order to interview, we cover how to make a great portfolio from top to bottom. Much of what you are about to hear we learned from our own experiences as former students, as professors, as interviewers and portfolio reviewers, and from people much smarter than ourselves. So sit back, grab a cold one, and relax on your inflatable couch. Enjoy.


Download The Reflex Blue Show with Nate Voss and Donovan Beery, Episode 5 (25 meg) or click here to subscribe directly from the iTunes Music Store.