Get a Grip with Kevin McConkey

Kevin McConkey not only helps run one of the hottest design agencies in Chicago (Grip), he’s just a lot of fun to talk to. So the real question is, why did it take us so long to have him on the show? I really don’t have a good answer, but I’m glad we finally corrected this.

Ben and I speak to Kevin about Grip’s work for Girl and the Goat, Whole Foods Market, and Death’s Door Spirits. We also speak of designing on an equity model, hanging out at the HOW Conference in Chicago last year, the Grip book 1000 Package Designs, and more.

But maybe of most importance is the discussion of if Tone Lōc or The Pharcyde created the greatest hip hop album of all time. Maybe we can put this to an Exhibit A vs Exhibit B.

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