Thanks everyone for showing up to the Eleven19 open house last month (photos here), which was also the first of our 36 Pints.

We’re excited to bring a reason for designers to just get together and chat after work on a monthly basis to Omaha, and we hope to see you tonight at The Homy Inn. Feel free to stop by for a couple minutes, or stay a few hours.

Also, I guess we are taking requests for future locations (requests should be made in person at a 36 Pints event). Heidi recommended we go to the Interlude Cocktail Lounge next (May 9), so we are.

And, as this event started partially from conversations I had with Tom Nemitz, we’re going with his pick after that (June 13) at the Redeye Tavern and Grill.

Upcoming 36 Pints

April 11, 2012; 5:30pm –
The Homy Inn, Omaha (food available from Sgt. Peffer’s across the street)

May 9, 2012; 5:30pm –
Interlude Cocktail Lounge, Omaha

June 13, 2012; 5:30pm –
Redeye Tavern and Grill, Omaha