So much happened during HOW Design Live in Boston this year, that I barely left the convention center at all. On the middle day though, I did make my way the three blocks to Johnny Cupcakes, and then across the street to a Harry Potter store. It was there that I ran into The Reflex Blue Show co-founder Nate Voss, and we decided to take the time to record a show together (First time in-person, since…checking…2013? Surely that can’t be…). As circumstances would dictate, when we were figuring out the logistics, Stefan Mumaw was setting up his talk in room 210, and we just put the microphone next to where he was and started recording.

We talk about Stephanie Voss’ presentation the next day, Star Wars, Street Fighter II, Mumaw’s talks on how to manage chaos and rapid ideation, what goes into a presentation, how many props Mumaw kept setting up, bail money, and more.