Grain & Mortar: The Reflex Blue Show #196

Grain & Mortar has been an award-winning branding and web development studio in Omaha, Nebraska since 2011, but 2018 brought them into the business of selling pants as well. Kristin DeKay, Eric Downs, and Jesse Harding stop by The Reflex Blue Show to discuss a little bit of the Grain & Mortar backstory, and then jumping to right around a year ago in buying a 135 year old building.

The new office location, as well as a legit storefront, got them to start one of their other goals – a retail shop selling men’s goods at 1414 South 13th Street. We talk about some of the things involved in opening and running Vincent Outfitting Company, the safari swords that come through the door, and more.

By the way, the Vincent Outfitters Company store really does look great. Getting a tour of the entire building a month before we recorded really showed the amount of effort and care the folks at Grain & Mortar put into their new space. Be sure to visit them this holiday season if you are in the area.

As for The Reflex Blue Show, as we record around half of our episodes at Eleven19, it’s fun to actually record season 11, episode 19 (and fittingly release this episode on November 19). Between this podcast and the Be A Design Cast that proceeded it, this month marks my 13th year of podcasting, which sounds a bit crazy to even type out. I really do appreciate the people I’ve been able to meet either in-person or online because of it, and give huge thanks to all of our great listeners who make it worthwhile.

We’ll be back in 2019 with season twelve, but until then…


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