Life Kerning with Justin Ahrens

Justin Ahrens of Rule29 makes his return (does he ever really go away? do we really want him to go away? why does he keep hanging around?) to The Reflex Blue Show. This time though, he brings with us a new book (note: I really did enjoy the book, Ben’s still reading it, we both recommend it for people trying to balance work and life). Out now, Life Kerning is worth picking up, so we mostly speak of it.

We do have time left to talk about his standing desk, LEGO brand building blocks, paper, his speaking at HOW Live in Boston and more.

And as a bonus, we bring back Dyana Valentine for a fantastic installment of “Dyana’s Valentine Notes”.

And here is the link Ben (oh yeah, Ben Lueders co-hosts once again) mentions to buy individual LEGO brand building bricks.

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