There was much more of a visceral reaction to Friday’s Craigslist comic than I anticipated. Apparently that’s something an awful lot of us have had to deal with in our time. While the conversation over there has a few good tales, I’d be remiss not to have to you spend a few hours of your day wasting away in front of the megasite for airing such grievances.

I’d also be remiss not to mention our fun-timey interview/chat with designer/author Jason Tselentis, who a little birdie told me may have found himself in a contest to out-foxy one Steven Gordon. How this contest ended I do not know. That we are still here upon this Earth following it means it did not go full-force, and precludes a rematch may someday occur.

And, lastly, my reward for finishing today’s strip was waiting until I was done to watch this (office warning — naughty words present):