My solo trip to Chicago was punctuated with a trip 1 hour West to visit Justin Ahrens along with the fine fellows and lovely (lovely) ladies of Rule 29. Upon arrival in the frigid cold, I was showered with warmth and companionship, hospitality, and enough booze to drown a small horse. Justin, a frequent fixture of the HOW Conference and no-coast designer extraordinaire, took time away from his Brady-Bunch-happy office family to chat with me and guest-host Mig Reyes. Then, as often happens when I am alone at the controls, I lost the second half of the show, so we finished up via iChat with Donovan back in the saddle this morning to talk about Rule 29’s involvement with Life in Abundance and a few other topics of note. Please enjoy podcast 23 with your own tastey 312 beverage.

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