Whew! Finally back from Chicago and only one strip in the hole.

There was an excursion to a store in Lincoln Park wherein an ungodly amount of classic toys, both in package and out, were lined up with shelves and shelves of slightly more collectible toys. I decided I needed a little something for the office. To be honest, this stank mecca of action figures reminded me more of a creepy dude’s basement than a real shop — I swear they didn’t use a cash register or grant receipts. I gave them a gift certificate, they game me my things, and we walked away. There were more than a few things I would have loved to bring home, but under the watchful eye of my wife I dared not to purchase anything more than my alloted monetary total.

What did I come home with? This saucy little number from the Halo 3 line of McFarlane Toys. Recent. Far from collectible, but a part of a larger set I have been working on. Also insanely uncomfortable to purchase in front of your in-laws, but it had to be done; you just can’t find one of these in Omaha.