Last year while at HOW Live in Chicago, we were fortunate enough to record a podcast with James Victore (The Reflex Blue Show #77). Victore was still on a sort of book tour (one with so much ink, it may just now be dry, but a gorgeous book it is), and also just announcing an event he was calling The Dinner Series.

A year later, we catch up with Victore via Skype, and discuss The Dinner Series (he is just about to host the third in the series), and his other big event, James Victore Presents: Take This Job & Love It. This one day symposium is sure to be a blast, just discussing the idea of it was a pure enjoyment for Ben and I. If any of our listeners make it to New York for the event on September 29, 2012, please report back to us – we would love to get thoughts from the audience. It’s limited to 200 and offers to “ignite your path to personal greatness and access a higher level of badass-dom.” I would expect no less from James Victore, Inc.

We also spend a bit of time discussing a day in the life of the Victore studio, their new Q&A Tuesdays, and MMA documentaries.

We’ll be back next week with the 1st of 7 interview shows we recorded while at HOW Live in Boston last month. First up? Melissa Morris Ivone  and Stefan Mumaw. Ben dropped the entire guest list on his post for the Day 5 Recap for those paying attention (not in order though, so stay tuned). For those with good math skills, you may have just figured out that show #100 is already recorded. It’s weird to think, but I guess it is, and we’ll be ending Season 5 with that one in 7-10 weeks. Then onto Season 6 in 2013!

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