I was lucky at this year’s AIGA Conference to come away with business cards of only people I like, which, honestly, is no small feat. It’s a good stack, and I don’t feel like there’s a whole lot of filler to it. Catching up on my correspondence since my return has proven difficult.

This shames me a little bit, as the very next day after my return I received a very nice e-mail from one of the main stage speakers who I talked to for… oh, about 30 seconds total, saying it was nice to see us and thanks for the encouragement. There’s a reason some of those people are up there, and a part of that reason is that they are awesome people (except for that lady at the end, but I’m not wasting space on her).

That said, just because I haven’t sent out a letter or facebook or twitter to you doesn’t mean I’m not trying desperately to do so. You’ll probably see them pile up in your inbox one after another with sent-dates of the same minute. Or so I can hope. –hugs–