I use to think that if I didn’t design I’d paint. Use to. Now I have no idea what I’d do if I didn’t design.

Truth is, I don’t think I have finished a painting in a decade. I’ve dabbled a few times since then. Once I even did some watercolor backgrounds to scan in. I used those in a design, the paintings themselves were never what I’d call finished.

When I walk by my paints and brushes sometimes I feel sad about that, sometimes I just wish I had an excuse I could use. Just a small reason why I should drop everything for a few hours and have fun. I keep telling myself that is reason enough, but I never do.

Then I got an email from Paul “The Professor” Berkbigler asking me to be on a panel for his AIGA Nebraska student event – Me, Myself & Design 2009 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Somehow I always find time for those, so I said yes. Paul had other things planned. He was making an excuse to design custom toys, and the fourteen panelists were all told to create one as well. Leave it to Paul to come up with my excuse.

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