Continuing in our series of desktop wallpapers, Conrad joins in with the question, “What are you going to do with that logo?”

The angriest of the 1PT.Rule characters brings his design ninja sword as a constant reminder to think design first at all times… or else. A swordless version has also been created as a Paper Dummy that can be downloaded for free from Vossome.com.

What does an assembled Paper Dummy of Conrad look like? Some are already starting to appear on Twitpic.

But wait – you don’t like getting free stuff? You don’t feel Conrad can be trusted without Newton keeping him in line? Don’t worry, you can also download the Paper Dummies of both Conrad and Newton by using any of our Donate buttons at the top of most of the pages on the site.

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Donating also gives you access to a variety of sized desktop wallpapers of both Newton and sword-carrying Conrad. All custom illustrated by 1PT.Rule creator Nate Voss.