Ashleigh Axios: The Reflex Blue Show #208

Ashleigh Axios – of &Partners, incoming President of AIGA, and former Creative Director of the Obama White House – stopped by my office the first week of March, 2020 to record an episode of The Reflex Blue Show.

We spoke about AIGA, what it’s like working as a Creative Director at the White House for over four years, and a bit about how she found her path into the world of design. AIGA Nebraska President John Gawley ends the show by asking a question from a listener.

The Design Gigs for Good job board gets mentioned, and well, I actually spent the minute needed to find the link!

Anyway, the weeks after this was recorded sure took a turn, eh? I have been recorded all shows in person for a while now (and have never really recorded more than a couple a year remote before that), so I’m not sure when the podcast will return … either when things start to go back to a new normal, or I decide, hey, maybe I’d rather record remotely than to not record at all … only time will tell which comes first. You are always free to visit any of our past episodes until then – we even list them by guest name, by our favorite of each year, and by season (dropdown menu under “podcast”). Thanks for listening.


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