For those not on Facebook and verily, for those on Facebook not on Design Observer’s Facebook Group (I’m sure there’s still a few of you), today’s strip might be a bit mysterious. For those who fit the above two descriptors, today’s strip is a looking glass back into the depths of hell from whence came a demonic bludgeoning of “Vote for the DO” spam that nearly sundered the world. I returned from a two-day trip — two days only — to find no fewer than seven e-mails in my inbox from the DO Group, and this is in addition to at least 97 others I had received in days prior. While explanations have varied, the blame is pointed steadfastly at Facebook’s own messaging system, and not the hands that typed out e-mail upon e-mail upon e-mail. Each note I received seemed to be a bit different from the last, and last I checked Facebook did not have an App to randomize text around a central message. Some have taken this opportunity to leave the DO Facebook Group, an opportunity I myself have also grasped, least I, too, should become a Gollum-like creature, hunched in the darkness, clenching the People’s Design Award, swaying slowly back and forth to its silky, seductive rhythm.


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