10 years can seem like forever – and yet it goes by so fast.

The “Be A Design Cast” (which we of course called the “BADCast”) went live November 7th, 2005 on the blog, Be A Design Group.

It was recorded a little before that – maybe even a couple weeks before. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t invited on to co-host, but memories fade. Nate Voss saw a keynote with Steve Jobs talking about a new thing iTunes was going to carry – podcasts. Looking to see what was there turned up not even a design category, and no shows (Design Matters was around, but was not on iTunes at that time). It was on.

Being on the AIGA Nebraska Board of Directors, I was frequently at after meeting events with Nate and Tom Nemitz as Nate kept saying things like, “This is the show.” “What?” “This, just sitting around talking about design.”

I think Nate and Tom did a test recording, but I never heard it – or even about it until later. They asked if I would stop by to record an episode with them. That episode launched ten years ago today. The Be A Design Cast was around for a bit over two years, and ended when Nate and I moved to with The Reflex Blue Show, and I’ve been podcasting ever since. 10 years goes by quickly… Above is the first photo I have of Tom, Nate and I actually recording – maybe a month in?

Big thanks to the many people who have listened, been on the show, and co-hosted. This would not have continued without such great support, and with too many people to thank.

The Be A Design Cast had 53 episodes, and 8 mini-things, for a total of 61 recordings. The Reflex Blue Show (to date) is 147 episodes, 6 superb owls, 44 conference specials (13 conferences, 1 of which was covered by Ben Lueders), and 2 other specials for 199 total recordings. I guess we’re at 260 podcasts of some sort now – new one launches next week. Enjoy.