Hey everybody! We’re always hard at work over here adding new things to the site, and from today forward you might notice some links under each post to the social bookmarking site of your choice. If you see an article, comic, or podcast that strikes your fancy and you want to let your friends (or the world at large) know about it, just click one of the icons and it should take you straight away to that site.

As a test I dropped The Big Geek Switch onto my Facebook, and the process was clean and simple. We’re using Byrne Reese’s Promote This plugin on Movable Type, and for someone who knows very little about the engine driving this site I found it very easy work with and integrate into our template. Currently it doesn’t have Twitter support, which I’d like, but it does work with some other sites not listed above, so if there’s a site you use that we don’t have up there let us know and we’ll see about getting that in.