There’s been a whole world of discussion as to whether graphic designers constitute “Rock Stars” and while my original intent was to let the comic speak for itself, I found I might actually have a tiny bit to say about the matter.

The world of people who listen to music is much, much larger than the world of people who know and appreciate graphic design. But mistaking the size of the available audience as the sole determining factor of fame to a fanbase is a failing argument. It isn’t the size of the group, it’s the size of their collective fervor (“collective” being the key word here. If I were the only megafan with a basement shrine dedicated to Drew Davies, instead of Donovan and I, well, that would just be creepy). If you have the capacity to get excited about something, and other people share that capacity and excitement, then you have enough right there to make rock stars. So, yes. Graphic Designers can be Rock Stars, but only to people in our comparatively small world.